My name is Rhythm & Blues, and I am a rare blue merle border collie.  I used to live in a back yard with two mean shelties, and sometimes our person would forget to feed us. My name was just Blue then. One day one of the shelties attacked me (for no reason!)  and tore my ear. I think it makes me look dashing.  Then I went to live at Border Collie Rescue, which was fine, and now I came to live at my real home. Everyone said I wouldn't amount to much because I was too shy, but I'm not shy; I'm just thoughtful.  I learned how to dance by watching other dogs do it, and now no one has moves like I do! 

My job: My job is to make sure everyone wakes up on time and has their meals on time, and I am very precise.  I've never missed a deadline yet.  I am also responsible for greeting all guests politely and making sure they feel welcome in our home.  Sometimes I go to school and help teach other dogs to be good citizens.

My favorite thing:  Frisbees! Also my crate.

What I am afraid of: Gunshots.  I'm not too wild about car rides, either, or being trapped outside with no way to get in. 

My secret: I can speak English.  I just choose not to.