Guest Dogs

Add your dog's photo here by e-mailing with an attached .jpg and a line or two about your incredible canine. Here are some dogs I know!

Here is Marcie with her brand new novice obedience title.  Marcie was a rescue who found her new home because her mom read the Raine Stockton books and wanted an Australian Shepherd like Mischief and Magic.  I love how these things work out!
Here is new puppy Miraj playing with the toy her Mom won for her in the Lassie Trivia contest.  Love how that worked out! 

Here is Elaine's Anu in the rose garden.  Anu has gone to the Rainbow Bridge, but is remembered for having a heart as bnig as she was!

Barb's blue merle border collie, Spirit, practices the weave poles in the snow.  That's one dedicated dog!

Look at Brandy go!  Can you believe she's 11?

Blurr at a UAD dock diving event.  She even has her own mongrammed towel!

Barb's border collie Bryte with her Frisbee




Zoe reading. Zoe's mom is helping to organize the N.E.Georgia Literary Festival this year!