My name is Dazzling Glitter and Gold, but people call me Glitter for short.  I was born the youngest of 9 puppies to two very famous service dogs, and I was named Gwenna back then. I traveled all the way from Santa Rosa, California to Georgia (in a box!)  so that I could be raised to be a service dog too, but I soon decided that the life of an assistance dog was not for me.  Good thing, too, because I don't know how my mom could get along without me!

My job: I fetch my mom's slippers every morning, and take her on a long walk around the neighborhood. Then I help her write books by sitting beside her on the big chair while she types. When she drops her glasses or pens or papers, I pick them up and bring them to her.  I also help her carry laundry and I can put away my own toys.

My favorite thing:  Dinner!  And ice cubes.  And eating apples off the tree and tomatoes off the vine. And bedtime, because we always get a treat.  And cuddling with my mom.

My biggest fear: Thunderstorms

My Biggest Secret : I flunked my service dog test on purpose